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Galentine's is celebrated a day before Valentines because it’s WAY more fun! Name a better way to be with your besties, your co-workers, your mama, your fave nail tech or the girl who gives you the best blow out ever! Grab those women and CELEBRATE!

Revel in nostalgia, reminisce about the future and gush about how you’re each other's biggest fans!

A true friend will tell you the truth, a fake friend will tell you what you want to hear.

Boys are whatever but girls are forever!

Girlfriends are supportive of any venture they want go on or an adventure the seek.

Your BFF is there for you through THICK AND THIN, no matter time or place.

And they’re always willing to share, your BFF always has your back if you need anything, a tampon, a latte, or if you need a boost of confidence!

But the best thing about having a best friend is that you can tell them whatever is on your mind with no judgment at all, and they know exactly what you’re thinking with just one look.

So grab a glass and cheers your bestie because this ones for you gals!

~ Besties Editorial Author - Alexandria Benoit



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