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• Book in your professional motorsports branding consultation for your 2017 year •

Nicole has 10 years under her belt shooting motorsports both cinematically and photographically. The incomparable feeling rushing through your veins as the roaring engines of late models thunder by, while screaming fans vie for their favourite driver, is an unforgettable story of adventure Nicole is compelled to capture. Her favourite moments flow between the heart pounding exhilaration of shooting the fierceness in competition between driver and car, and the quiet snatches of time she catches in a drivers off guard moments of self-reflection and silence.  Finding expression in the deepest bonds of companionship, respect and camaraderie between friends and foe alike is par for the course one will find when moving amongst these unbelievably talented, and fiercely competitive and men and women on and off the track. The bonded sportsmanship of the teams, the deep sense of family and the endearing culture of the racing community, is a story Nicole is compelled to share with the world through her photographic and cinematic eye.


Nicole has shot media and sponsorship marketing and branding portfolios for  CMR#22 Motorsports and and has enjoyed a sponsorship relationship with the team for the past 8 years.

In your Consultation :

Your every question will be answered, including:

What types of clothing photograph best. Which equipment and gear will you need. 

A full understanding of the investment you’ll be making.

The most powerful and impactful images for marketing and cross promotional branding platforms the driver and team requires.

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